September 15, 2019

Steel Warehouse Installation

Now the advantages of steel structure warehouse is getting more and more attention. Therefore, many people are building steel warehouse. However, in the process of steel warehouse installation, we must follow certain principles and pay attention to some problems. What to pay attention to when erection of metal buildings.

Steel Warehouse Installation
  1. The construction of the foundation first. In the construction of steel structure building, the first we must do some basic work, such as the inspection of the foundation of columns, the insepction of steel structure , the alignment of the structural positioning, and the centerline of the column.
  2. Steel Structure installation. After doing the basic work, you can do the installation. This step involves a lot of things, such as lifting the steel column and temporarily fixing and correcting it, followed by lifting the roof beam, installing horizontal bracing and column bracing . At the same time, it is also necessary to install the purlins of the roof, the door beams , and finally the wall girt window column .
  3. Installation of high-strength bolts. This requires the axial force test of the high-strength bolt, and the friction coefficient of the joint surface is checked, then the joint surface is inspected and cleaned, the components are mounted and positioned, and the temporary bolts are tightened to correct the steel components, and Check the gap of the connecting surface, etc. At the beginning and end of the screwing, it must be carried out in order, and finally marked and recorded for later inspection and acceptance.
  4. The installation of the enclosure system. This is also an important step in the installation of steel building, it is not only to install roofing, exterior wall panels, but also to install wall insulation glass wool, inner wall corners, doors and windows and doors and windows.

There are many things to pay attention to in the installation of steel warehouse . In addition to the above points, various protective measures must be taken, such as bringing seat belts, helmets, etc., and checking all relevant bills before working. A series of safety inspections are carried out to ensure that no accidents occur during the construction process.

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