September 6, 2019

Steel Warehouse Building

Steel Warehouse Building

Steel warehouse building has the advantages: light weight, high strength, large span and environmental protection. The steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of a horizontal structure and a longitudinal structure system. The transverse structural system uses the trusses (including roof trusses, beams and columns) as the basic load-bearing structure to withstand roof loads, lateral wind loads and earthquakes, as well as vertical loads and lateral horizontal loads of the crane. The longitudinal structural system is composed of columns, inter-column , wall girt, etc.

The advantages as follows:

(1) Lightweight roofing, saving the quantity of steel which can reduce the cross-section and foundation size of the beam and column and reduce the cost;
(2) Steel frame with a large span can change the height and thickness of web plate , the width of flange plate.
(3) Good seismic performance.

Scope of application:
(1) Widely used, applicable to all kinds of factories, warehouses, stadiums, hangars, etc.;
(2) It is usually used for single-story industrial houses with a span of 9~36m and a column height of 4.5~12m.
(3) Mezzanine floor can be added locally.

Steel Warehouse Building

The complete steel structure warehouse and factory building are composed of various functional systems, mainly including:
Structural system (including main structure, roof rafter, wall wall beam);
Enclosure systems (including roofing enclosures, wall panel enclosures, edging and floor slabs);
Door and window system (including doors and windows);
Ventilation system (including gas building system, exhaust system);
Drainage system (including gutters, downpipes, awning systems).

1.Structure system:

1)Main and Secondary structure material: The commonly used Chinese national standard construction steel is Q355B and Q235B; according to the cross-section processing technology, it is divided into hot-rolled steel and welded steel; the surface anti-corrosion treatment ,mainly includes spray paint or galvanizing, and larger welding. The components should be sprayed with paint, and the small components and cold-formed thin-walled steel members should be galvanized . According to the local fire protection requirements, steel columns and roof beams should be painted with fireproof coatings.

Steel Warehouse Building

Roof purlin and wall girt: The roof purlin and wall girt are cold-formed thin-walled steel, and their structural forms can be divided into C-type simply supported beam mode and Z-shaped continuous beam mode.

Steel Warehouse Building

a. Sag rod setting: used galvanized M12 rod ,
b. Connecting materials:
Anchor bolt: used for column foot connection.

2.Enclosure system:
The roof and wall panel mainly use single-layer color-coated corrugated steel sheet and sandwich panel. the insulation material is made of glass fiber insulation cotton; the roof lighting belt is made of PVC transparent lighting sheet.

  1. )Single-layer color coated corrugated steel sheet:
    (1) Substrate: an aluminum-zinc-plated substrate having a thickness of 0.3, 0.45, 0.5 and 0.60 mm. Aluminized zinc coated panels use in buildings in extreme environments. They are highly resistant to corrosion and weather and have a service life of more than 20 years.
    (2) Coating: polyester coating (PE): good adhesion, wide application range, medium chemical resistance, and service life of 7-10 years; Silicon modified polyester (SMP): good hardness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and durability of the coating film, limited gloss retention and flexibility, and a service life of 10-15 years;
    High weathering polyester (HDP): excellent UV resistance, high durability, and a service life of 10-12 years;
     Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF): good formability, excellent outdoor durability and solvent resistance, but limited color, high cost, and service life of 20-25 years. 2)Glass fiber insulation cotton The commonly used glass fiber insulation cotton has a bulk density of 12K, and has good thermal insulation, sound absorption performance and corrosion resistance. It is a non-combustible material (A1 grade) and has a low moisture absorption rate. 3)Color steel sheet sandwich panel sandwich panel is made up of two layers of single-layer color steel panels and a middle-layer polymer heat-insulating core ( included EPS sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel and polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel )The thickness is usually 50, 75, 100mm.The single layer color steel panel is as described above. The upper or outer color steel plate has a thickness of 0.45/0.50 mm, and the lower or inner color steel plate has a thickness of 0.45/0.50 mm.

3.Door and window system: Door: Commonly used doors are in the form of swing doors, sliding doors and rolling doors.

4.Ventilation system:
Steel Structure Warehouse and Workshop Building with large construction area, and there are areas with high fire risk. Because the depth of the workshop is large, it is difficult for smoke to be removed by the opening of the external wall. It is necessary to consider setting up a mechanical smoke exhaust facility or setting a natural row in the middle of the plant.
(1) Skylight: Its main function includes ventilation, lighting equipment, and smoke extraction.

(2)Ventilator:Non-powered turbos: to achieve ventilation and smoke extraction under the action of wind. Its light weight, durable stainless steel construction, and a special support structure, it can resist typhoon, widely used in steel warehouse building , and not leaking .

Steel Warehouse