Warehouse Building in Panama

About The Project

Design , fabricated and delivery six floor Warehouse Building in Panama ,all the steel structure used China standard ,Steel Column , Roof Beam ,Floor Beam used Welded H section Steel ,the column welded with support connected with floor beam in order enlarge the stability of building ,the wall and roof panel used 50mm thickness polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel .

TheĀ  totally quantity of main structure more than 800ton , the surface treatment is three coated epoxy zinc rich painted ,we design all the connection detail of the whole building .All the section size are American standard beam , the column used W12x96 , the floor beam used W18x50 and W24x62 , we fabricated same section size welded H section beam and used Q345B standard steel .

The floor used Type 688 galvanized metal deck that fixed on floor beam by welding stud and then pouring reinforced concrete , the thickness of concrete is 100-150mm .

Design Specs

Design Specs of Warehouse Building in Panama

The multistory steel structure building design in the Frame Structural,the column and beam formed as frame to bear Horizontal and vertical loads of theĀ  building.

The advantage of Frame structure :

  • It has the advantage of being able to flexibly match the layout of the building. It is conducive to arranging the building structure that needs more space. It can provide flexible indoor space for the building, and it is convenient to arrange large rooms such as conference rooms, restaurants, offices, warehouse and laboratories. The beam and column members of the frame structure are easy to standardize and shape, and it is convenient to adopt the integrated structure to shorten the construction period.
  • When the cast-in-place concrete frame is adopted, the structure has good integrity and rigidity, and the design and treatment can also achieve better earthquake resistance, and the beam or column can be cast into various required cross-sectional shapes.