Steel Warehouse Tanzania

About The Project

Design and fabricated Steel Warehouse Tanzania,the project in Dar es Salaam,the warehouse design in portal frame structure ,the silo frame design in frame structure.

Steel warehouse Tanzania is composed of steel beam, steel column, floor beam and other components made of steel and steel plates; the components connected throught welding, bolts or rivets .

The advantage of Steel Structure Warehouse:

  1. Steel structure  is light in weight, high  strength and large in span.
  2. The construction period of prefab steel building is short, which could reduce the overal investment cost .
  3. Steel structure  fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance.
  4. The steel structure building is easy to move and the recycling is non-polluting.
Building Specs

1.The Size of the building is ( 21 M+10 M ) x 140 M . The Height of the building is 10 M Clear and 6 M Clear and 20 M Clear at
various points.
2.There is Mezzanine floors at various Points . The Mezzanine height is 5 M.
3.Four Number of Silos are located at between bay numbers 23 an 25. These silo are having conical Bottom discharge .
The silo are to be supported at 5 Meters Level Mezzanine Beams , The Total Working Weight of Each silo is 100 Tons .
ALL Mezzanine beams in this area should be designed for this load of 100 Tons x 4 Nos = 400 Tons .
4.Working Platform at 16 Meter Level to access the four silos.
5.Brick walls are height 5 Meters
6.Wall Panel:0.5mm corrugated single color sheet
7.Roof Panel:50mm PU (Poly urethene)Sand witch Panels

Design Loads
•Design Code –AISC -89
•Wind Speed -150 KMPH
•Building – Dead Load 0.15 KN Per Sq M Live 0.5 KN per Sq M
•Mezzanine: Dead Load 3.5 KN per Sq M and Live Load 5 KN Per Sq M
•Mezzanine Beams at Silo Area : to be designed for silo weight.