Steel Warehouse Papua New Guinea

About The Project

Design and fabricated Steel Warehouse Papua New Guinea,the size of the Steel Warehouse Papua New Guinea : 18m(wide) x 48m(length)x6.5m(Eave Height),the wall and roof panel used 0.5mm corrugated single color sheet without insulation materials,the building with 18m x 6m mezzanine floor for office .

Factors to be considered in the design of steel warehouse :

  1. The space utilization rate of the prefab steel warehouse is higher than that of the traditional concrete warehouse building, and the internal lighting is much better than the traditional building. In the engineering design of steel warehouse, lighting panels or lighting glass must be provided to make the interior lighting of the building adequate, save energy, and reduce the psychological impact of inside people.
  2. In order to achieve good sound insulation, the traditional building structure must be equipped with soundproofing materials, which increases the cost. The material of steel structure warehouse is good sound insulation material.


The preparation of Steel Structural warehouse installation

  1. Whether the position of each row axis is correct;
  2. Whether each span span meet the design requirements;
  3. Whether the base top elevation meets the design requirements;
  4. Whether the position and elevation of the anchor bolt meet the design and specification requirements.

When the steel structure delivery to the construction site that must have a quality guarantee and detailed inspection records; they should be stacked in the designated area according to the type, model and installation sequence of the components. The structural stratum should have sufficient supporting surface to prevent the fulcrum from sinking; when the same type of components are laminated, the fulcrum of each layer should be on the same straight line; the deformed member should be corrected in time, and the inspection can be installed after passing the inspection.


Materials Specs

1. Main Structure: Q345B Welded H Section Beam;
2. Purlin: C Section Channel ;
3. Roof Cladding: 0.5mmColor Coated Galvanized Sheet
4. Wall Cladding: 0.5mmCorrugated Steel Sheet;
5. Tie Rod: Circular Steel Tube;
6. Brace: Round Bar;
7. Column Cross Bracing and Roof Bracing: Angle Steel or Steel Rod;
8. Fly Brace: Angle Steel;
9. Wrapping Cover: Color Steel Sheet;
10.Roof Gutter: Color Steel Sheet;
11.Rainspout: PVC Pipe;
12.Door: Aluminum Roller up door  ;
13.Windows: Aluminum Alloy Window;
14.Connecting: High Strength Bolts 10.9S