Steel Chemial Plant Uruguay

About The Project

We fabriated and delivery Steel chemial Plant Uruguay ,we work as sub-contractor fabricated the steel structure for the Whole Chemical Plant Building,the building location is Montevideo,Uruguay,all the steel structure are China standard Q235B steel , the surface treatment is hot dip galvanized .

We fabricated  Steel chemial Plant Uruguay which included pipe rack , equipments platform , stair and ladder .

The pipe rack is truss structure formed by angle steel and H section beam ,equipments platform formed by H section beam and Channel steel ,the stair is Channel steel with galvanized grating step.

The Specs

Steel structure has the advantages of fast fabricated, easily and quickly installation¬† and small section , the steel structure pipe rack is more and more widely used, which consisting of continuous pipe rackand rows of floor-standing columns and A large-sized frame composed of a struts for supporting various rows of chemical pipes. The steel structure of the pipe rack is usually welded by various specifications of steel and steel components, –Ě steel and connecting ribs, and is generally attached.

The equipment frame is a special structure that is more common in chemical and petrochemical production facilities. In order to meet the requirements of the chemical production process, a considerable part of the equipment (including the stationary equipment and the transmission equipment) and the pipelines need to be installed at a certain height and position and connected to each other to complete the process, the framework is to support these equipment and pipelines, and Built to meet production operations and maintenance needs