Steel Building Tanzania

About The Project

Havit Steel design and fabricated and delivery Steel Structure Mill Building Tanzania,the project in Dar es salaam , the building totally six floor which used as heavy equipment platform ,each floor sit heavy machine equipments ,the weight of machine equipments between 600-1300kg/m2,the steel column is Box Shape the floor beam is H section .

Mill Building design in steel structure ,there is some dvantage of Steel Structure over traditional concrete structure :

(1) Quality control: steel structure components factory processing, joint bolt connection, high degree of production automation, precision guarantee, dry operation, easy quality control, on-site pouring of reinforced concrete structure, wet operation, quality and technical level have a great relationship .

(2) Short construction period: steel structure factory production, on-site installation, simple process, large working face, fast construction speed, reinforced concrete structure, steel bar binding, supporting mould, pouring, shocking, curing multiple processes, costing manpower and material resources The construction period is long.

(3) Make full use of the building space: the steel structure is smaller than the reinforced concrete structure beam and column section, which can reduce the layer height, increase the effective use area, make the structure layout flexible, easily obtain large space, and can overhang a large span.

(4) The amount of basic engineering is reduced. The seismic function is weak: the steel structure has light weight, good flexibility, good seismic resistance, reduced foundation stress, reduced basic section and reduced basic engineering.

Design Specs

Mill Steel Building Tanzania design in Steel Frame Structure because it needs to bear the static load and vibration load of large equipment,the building has large size, high strength and good stability, so it is often designed as heavy steel building with large size, high strength and good stability.

1. The mainframe including Steel columnsĀ  are made of Box Shape Column, the floor beam are welded H section Beam.
2. The steel columns are connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt.
3. The beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with 10.9S high-intensity bolts.
4. The wall panel used polyurethane (PU) Sandwich panel which are connected with the wall girt by Self-tapping nails.