Galvanized Warehouse Switzerland

About The Project

Design and fabricated Hot dip Galvanized Warehouse Switzerland , the wall and roof panel used 75mm EPS sandwich panel,the main structure and secondary structure are hot dip galvanized .

Hot dip Galvanized Warehouse Switzerland is composed of steel columns, steel beams, purlins, supports and wall beams.

These components can be divided into the following systems according to their functions:
(1) Transverse plane frame -it is the basic load-bearing structure of the building, consisting of column and roof beam. It bears the horizontal load and vertical load acting on the warehouse building and transmitted to the foundation.
(2) Longitudinal plane frame -it is  consists of column and wall bracing. It is use to ensure that the longitudinal direction of the plant skeleton is not deformable and rigid, and withstand longitudinal horizontal loads (longitudinal wind, etc.) and transmitted to the foundation.
(3) Roof system – consists of roof purlin and roof horizontal bracing .
(5) Bracing – including roof bracing, wall bracing and other additional bracing. the function is to connect the individual plane frames into a space system to ensure the necessary rigidity and stability of the structure, and also to withstand the wind .
(6) Wall frame – to withstand the weight and wind of the wall.



Materials Specs

1. Main Structure: Hot dip galvanized Q345B Welded H Section Beam;
2. Purlin: C Section Steel ;
3. Roof Panel: 75mm EPS sandwich panel
4. Wall Panel: 75mm EPS sandwich panel
5. Tie Rod: Hot dip galvanized Circular Steel Tube;
6. Brace: Hot dip galvanized Round Bar;
7. Column Cross Bracing and Roof Bracing: Galvanized  Steel Rod;
8. Fly Brace: Galvanized Angle Steel;
9. Wrapping Cover: Color Steel Sheet;
10.Roof Gutter: Color Steel Sheet;
11.Rainspout: PVC Pipe;
12.Door: Aluminum Roller up door
13.Fastener : High Strength Bolts 10.9S