Workshop Building

Steel workshop Building is constructed with steel structure as roof beams,steel column and steel structure foundation

Workshop Building used as industrial production ,industrial steel workshop is constructed with steel structure as roof beams and column,the workshop with overhead crane for lift and move heavy products ,and sometimes also add mezzanine floor for office and storage ,An efficient and durable industrial building is one of the most important factors in the success of your business.

As the diversification of architectural styles and the concept of environmental protection, more and more manufacturers are more willing to use steel structure workshop than traditional concrete buildings.  steel structure buildings are generally used for those workshop with large span. In China, there are more and more prefab steel structure buildings are used in workshop, which can be roughly divided into light and heavy-duty steel structure.

The Advantages of steel structure industrial workshop as below :

  1. The characteristics of environmental protection, environmental protection is a major concern in current construction, and has become one of the main control contents of construction. The main material for the construction of steel structure industrial factory is  green environmentally friendly material, which is highly energy-efficient and has very good recycling possibilities and inevitability. The steel structure industrial  building construction structure is based on the green environmental protection concept, and the green building is penetrated into the whole process of workshop construction.
  2. The construction operation is simple and flexible. In the process of traditional factory construction, the construction of the main body of the structure is mainly completed by reinforced concrete. During the construction process, the construction period is long and the construction operation is difficult, which greatly restricts the construction effect of the building . In the process of construction, the steel structure industrial factory building optimizes the structural components , improving the mass production effect of the components, effectively improves the construction speed, and greatly facilitates the installation of the components.