Warehouse Building

Warehouse Building used very common as basic storage facility with advantage of fast construction and lower labour cost

Warehouse Building used very common as basic storage facility , in recent years, more and more steel structure warehouse have risen on the ground ,many people have abandoned the traditional concrete structure building and used the prefab steel building as warehouse .

What are the differences between steel structure building and traditional reinforced concrete building?

  1.  The components of Steel Structure Building fabricated in workshop and delivery to site for installation after surface treatment ,prefabricated building , fast construction , so the building has obvious emergency advantages,which can meet the sudden storage needs of customers.
  2. Steel building adopts dry construction, which has the advantages of environmental protection ,comparing with the wet construction of reinforced concrete buildings it can reduce the effect of construction on the environment and nearby residents.
  3. Metal building can save much construction and labour costs more than traditional concrete warehouse. The cost of building a steel warehouse is 20% to 30% lower than the cost of a traditional warehouse, and it is much safer and more stable.
  4. Prefab steel structure is more and more widely used because of its light weight,and the building materials used for the wall and the roof panel are much lighter than the brick wall and the terracotta roof, which can effectively reduce the overall weight of the whole building and without damaging the stability of its structure. At the same time, it can also reduce the transportation cost of components formed by off-site migration and save costs.

The Specs of Steel Warehouse:
1)Main Structure (Steel Grade : Q345B , Yield Strength :345Mpa )
Steel Column,Roof Beam,Floor Beam,Wind Column,Crane Beam,Parapet Column
2)Secondary Structure (Steel Grade : Q235B ,Yield Strength : 235Mpa )
Bracing System(included Roof Bracing,Column Bracing,Tie Beam),Roof Purlin,Wall Girt,Sag Rof,Sleeve Pipe
10.9Grade High Strength Bolt,Normal Bolt,Turnbuckle,Anchor Bolt
4)Enclosed System
Roof Panel,Wall Panel,Trim and Flashing.