Prefab Warehouse

Prefab Warehouse is fabricated at factory,cutting, punching, drilling, welding,painted then transport to site

Prefab Warehouse is designed and fabricated at the factory: cutting, punching, drilling, welding, and finally transported to the construction site. At the construction site, the components are bolted together and reduces cost and assembly time.

Warehouse is a place to store materials. Every manufacturer and enterprise has their own warehouse. Each logistics center also has its own warehouse. Some of them have special needs, such as the cold storage . Many places will need warehouses,even in your home , there will be a small warehouse building for store the unused items.

There are some different between the Prefab Steel Warehouse and concrete warehouse Building:

1. Construction time
From the construction time, the steel structure warehouse has obvious advantages, the construction of the steel structure warehouse is very fast, because all the fabricated finished in workshop and construction on site, only need to hoist and jointed which can meet the emergency construction of some manufacturers
2. Environmental protection,
After the prefab steel warehouse transport to the construction site, there is no water operation in the whole process, no sand and a large amount of dust are generated, which can reduce the pollution to the environment and impact on nearby residents,but it isĀ  not possible for concrete buildings.
3. Cost
Steel construction is much more cost-effective and labor-intensive than concrete. The cost of building a steel structure warehouse is 20 to 30% lower than that of traditional concrete buildings, and the steel structure is more durable than concrete.
4. Weight
The steel structure itself has the characteristics of light weight. The steel structure wall and the roof are all made of light metal building materials, which is much lighter than the brick wall and ceramic tile roof, which can reduce the overall weight of the warehouse, and not damage the stability of the structure.