Metal Garage

Metal garage is most popular and econimical option,there are various use for the garage building

The Garage could add additional value for your home , metal garage is most popular and econimical option,there are various use for the garage building such as temporary office,storage or shop , it is not just park car .

when we get inquiry for metal garage ,the first we need is the dimension which included length , wide and height and we want to know exactly how the garage will be used ,the materials of wall and roof also have much effected the price of garage,the most common wall and roof panel are corrugated single color sheet which easily and fast installation ,just fixed on purlin by self-tapping nail .

There are several advantages for the Garage used Prefab Steel Building .

  • Most of the steel structural parts and their corresponding components can be factory-made, the quality easy to guarantee, and easy to standardize and promote the use.
  • The short construction period (about 1/3 to 1/2 of the traditional concrete structure) can greatly shorten the occupation period of investment funds, improve the investment efficiency of funds, and is not affected by seasonal factors. For example, a prefab steel building of 50,00 square meters can be completed from processing to construction and installation for 2 months (the reinforced concrete structure takes at least 10 months, and it cannot be constructed in the north in winter).
  • Less waste, easy resource reuse and environmental protection. At the same time, it is conducive to saving farmland, protecting land resources, and easy to demolish.
  • Large span, wide open. The steel structure has a better advantage for the beam depth and the inter-column span. For example, the beam depth and span ratio of general reinforced concrete is about 1:12, while the steel structure is 1:24, and the area ratio can be increased by 5% to 8%.
  • Beautiful appearance and wide application, and is suitable for different climatic conditions and atmospheric environment.