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Steel Structure Bracing System

Steel Structure Bracing System is the secondary structure, but it is an essential part. In the portal frame steel structure, the system has important functions, which is mainly used as: ensuring the stability of overall structure and individual components, transmitting horizontal forces to the foundation and auxiliary installation, etc. As for the building with complex […]

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Steel Structure Platform

Steel structure platform is also called the work platform ,the modern steel platforms come in a variety of forms and functions with the advantage of fully assembled and flexible design, it is widely used in modern storage. The engineering structure made of steel is usually composed of beams, columns, plates and steel plates; the parts […]

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Steel Warehouse Installation

Now the advantages of steel structure warehouse is getting more and more attention. Therefore, many people are building steel warehouse. However, in the process of steel warehouse installation, we must follow certain principles and pay attention to some problems. What to pay attention to when erection of metal buildings. The construction of the foundation first. […]

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Steel Workshop Building

Steel workshop building is a kind of building structure with light weight and high strength. The main components are: steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation, steel structure bracing system , steel wall and roof . The main structure of the Steel Workshop Building is divided into the following parts: Pre-embedded parts, (stabilizing the structure […]

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Steel Warehouse Building

Steel warehouse building has the advantages: light weight, high strength, large span and environmental protection. The steel structure warehouse is mainly composed of a horizontal structure and a longitudinal structure system. The transverse structural system uses the trusses (including roof trusses, beams and columns) as the basic load-bearing structure to withstand roof loads, lateral wind […]

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Steel Building Price

One of the most common questions from clients looking to buy a steel building is, “How much does a steel building price for per square meter?” To be honest say it is really difficult to give a price by square meter ,mostly supplier give the price per square meter is reference or estimate price ,steel […]

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